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The Triangle is here to supply you with Christian books and resources - at great prices!
We always offer discounts to schools - see below. Whether you are looking for books to do with the Christian faith, books for the school library, ideas for assemblies and RE, or religious artefacts and resources, come and ask the Triangle first.
Our discounts are generous and we can often do better than prices found online.

Special prices for Schools

Special Offers for Schools
A selection of books to help with planning assemblies and lessons.
Support for the RE teacher and anyone involved in taking assemblies, PSHE, Citzenship or lesson planning.
A range of resources for classroom or library

RE Teacher's Survival Guide

THE RE TEACHER'S SURVIVAL GUIDE Jane Brooke RRP £6.99 Our Price £6.30

Bannabus School's Bible

BARNABAS SCHOOLS' BIBLE Rhona Davies RRP £12.99 Our Price £11.70

RE in the Classroom

RE IN THE CLASSROOM WITH 4 - 5s Helen Jaeger RRP £7.99 Our Price £7.19

Story Assemblies

RRP £8.99 Our Price £8.00

Christianity: Key Beliefs and Traditions

RRP £7.99 Our Price £7.19

Emotionally Intelligent

EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT RE Cavan Wood RRP £7.99 Our Price £7.19

Poetry Emotion

POETRY EMOTION Stewart Henderson RRP £6.99 Our Price £6.30

Teaching Narnia

TEACHING NARNIA Olivia Warburton
RRP £6.99 Our Price £6.30

More Bible Storybags

MORE BIBLE STORYBAGS Margaret Cooling RRP £12.99 Our Price £11.70

Wow! Our Amazing Planet

WOW! OUR AMAZING PLANET David Chandler RRP £9.99 Our Price £9.00

Valuing Money

RPP £9.99 Our Price £9.00

The Year in Colour

THE YEAR IN COLOUR Rachel Nicholls
RRP £14.99 Our Price £12.00

Through the Year

RRP £9.99 Our Price £9.00

Ten Boys Who Made History

Light Keepers Series- “Boys” titles
RRP £5.99 Special Price £2 off
Titles Include
10 Boys who changed the world
10 Boys who made a difference
10 Boys who didn’t give in
10 Boys who made history
10 Boys who used their talents

Boxed Sets of Light Keepers (5 “Boys” titles)
RRP £24.99 Special Price £16.99

Ten Girls Who Used Their Talents

Light Keepers Series-“Girls” titles
RRP £5.99 Special Price £2 off
Titles Include
10 Girls who changed the world
10 Girls who made a difference
10 Girls who didn’t give in
10 Girls who made history
10 Girls who used their talents

Boxed Sets of Light Keepers (5 “Girls” titles)
RRP £24.99 Special Price £16.99

No Mountain Too High

Trail Blazers Series
RRP £5.99 Special Price £2 off
Titles Include
Life stories of: C.S Lewis
Michael Faraday
Eric Liddel
Corrie ten Boom
John Newton
Brother Andrew
John Knox
Gladys Aylward
William Wilberforce

Pilgram's Progress

The Pilgrims Progress
RRP £5.50 Special Price £1 off
Adapted for a new generation

Topz Tips for School

Topz Tips for School 99p
Encouragement for 7 – 11 year olds at school
Great gift for those changing school or starting a new class

50 Craziest Bible Stories

Children’s Fiction from CWR
3 for the price of 2
A wide range of children’s titles including Precious Princess, Professor Bumblebrain, 50 Bible Stories series and many more

New Children's Bible

The New Children’s Bible
RRP £9.99 our price £5.00

The Way NLT Bible

And one for the adults!
The Way NLT Bible £18.99
Buy one get another free to give away

More titles in stock, many at discount prices - please come in to see our full range.
Please contact us to ask about our wide variety of children's fiction and non-fiction ideal for library or classroom.

Fairtrade Supplies for your School Staff Room at Discounted Prices.
And Much More in Store.......

For more information contact – John Layzell, Schools Liaison
Telephone: 07786 877874 (mobile) or 01252 519172 (bookstore)

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